The Wonder of Nature - my connection

Welcome to everyone that reads my new blog.........the seed has been planted.

I decided some time ago, that I needed to introduce people to the 'wonder of nature', to the little things that go unnoticed, the things I see every day that bring me such awe and wonderment as to the majesty of nature. I usually do this through my workshops, but I have decided to write a blog, detailing my simple walks through the natural world and highlight some of the things that you probably see but don't really 'see' allow you to become more closely connected to the natural world.

I am a Medicine Woman, Teacher, Environmentalist & Bird Whisperer...........and have for a very long time now used my knowledge of the natural world, of Mother Nature, to help people reconnect and find themselves again, to allow them to heal and feel they belong.

I start this Blog at a time when the world has come to a standstill.....Covid-19 has brought humanity to a standstill, whilst Mother Earth continues on her cycle of living and recovering without us. A time for deep reflection, and the need to realise what was 'normal life' before was not normal, and we need to change. We have been given this chance to change our behaviours on how we treat our sacred many will take up that call?

So I will be posting photos and information regarding what I have seen on my travels, the relevance energetically of particular plant spirit medicines, or the folklore associated with the plants....all to give you a deeper understanding of our connection to Mother Earth.

If you feel you would like more information then please do contact me. I would ask that if you wish to use any of my material that you ask permission first.....I have been taught by many elders from different traditions that honour and gratitude are key. Honour what is being given freely to you today and treat with gratitude. I have been a student for over 30 years intimately learning the way of the Earth; I feel I know only a very small part of her, but what she has shown me and taught me is beyond awe and is pure magic; something that I honour and give thanks to every day in ceremony.

Blessings to all you nature wanderers out there.......xx

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